19 March 2019

Exam fever

The month of March is a season of exams, at least in India.

Students spend sleepless nights, lose appetite, sit at home the whole time, scurry, try to cramp in at the last moment and then go and write it out on the exam paper. The same cycle continues every year. Marks are scored, distinctions are made, some lose in the race and some shine out.

What about exams which life throws at us? Problems, challenges, difficulties, changes, adjustments are the synonyms which fit in real life. Does the experience of writing exams in school, college or any entrance exam help to solve the problems in life? Is it actually preparation for what the future is going to throw at us? Do all the cramming and the pains that were taken to pass a particular exam help us to excel at the challenges which we face in life ahead?

Not really. Those are two different things, I feel. The response to the problems thrown at us entirely depends on your character as a person, how strong or how sensitive or how emotional you are. One person may find a particular situation challenging and may come out with flying colors and in the same situation, another person may completely feel anxious and intimated and lost. Does that mean that the second person is weak and no good? No, it doesn't. It is just that he/she is different. Response to a particular situation can't and shouldn't be generalized labeling a person good or bad, strong or weak. That particular person may excel in some other field or situations where he/she feels grounded and comfortable.

Life is always not easy, one might have to make a lot of adjustments unwillingly and they may prove detrimental to the physical or mental health. One might lose sleep and lose interest in carrying out the day to day activities. One may feel entirely hopeless and may not be able to adapt to the situation at all. In such extreme cases, talking and discussing with family and close friends coupled with a proper line of treatment should help to fight such phases. The challenges and problems might trigger a physiological reaction sometimes and then the positive thinking or distracting mind with something else might not really help. A medicine to correct the balance in the body and then in the mind needs to be administered.

Challenges make you strong and sometimes they crush you completely and make you lose self-confidence. Try your best not to get destroyed by it completely. Try to rise, try to shine. 

08 March 2019

She is like the wind

To all women in my life and in yours!

On occasion of International Women's day, a tribute to all women who are strong, vulnerable, nurturers and achievers!!

We all rock and will always continue doing so.

Let's love, share, care and make this world a beautiful place!

She is like the wind
to sooth the scars
and a protector just like a tigress
when danger lurks on

She bends for the ones
who wins her heart
And adjusts every single time
not looking near or far

She can make a home out of a house
and nurture family and friends
bound together with
love, share, and care

She dons so many hats
and plays so many roles
She is never tired
And always on her toes

Love and respect her
acknowledge her sometimes
appreciate her efforts
and you will be happy for your life


03 March 2019

Lost and found

My sister, Shreya returned from India to Stuttgart on Thursday. She had gone to India for vacation, mainly to avoid the coldest month of winter, which is usually the month of February and also to spend time with her mom and finish some formalities there. She called me on her way back from the train and she was very happy to return to her routine which does not involve much noise and crowd. She has become a German already, I think by the fact that she enjoys her own space and doesn't yearn for people around like I do. She loves black coffee and she makes every second of her life here interesting and happening. She called me later on Thursday evening when she had gone shopping for groceries and she did not sound good.

02 March 2019

Blog Marathon accomplished

I successfully completed the Blog Marathon which I challenged myself to take up. I started on 1st February and wrote throughout the month till 28th February. It was for the first time ever since I started blogging that I took something like this up. 28 days of successive posts on various topics. I lay bare my feelings of happiness, loneliness, excitement and a varied canvas of experiences. I wrote poems in English and Hindi, which I had never ever attempted before. I wish I had written something in my mother-tongue, Marathi. Maybe I should try to do it consciously in the coming months.

28 February 2019

Blog Marathon - Post 28 - A day at the hospital

I had an appointment with the eye specialist yesterday regarding my right eye, which is dry compared to the other eye and has weak eyesight. I had been there 4 weeks back and spent a good 4 hours there only to go back yesterday so that one final test would be done and then the problem would be ascertained. The head doctor would examine the final results and decide the line of treatment. I was in the waiting room where everyone was in their 70's and 80's. I was the youngest of them all and the problem which I had seemed to be trivial as compared to the others who were sitting there.

27 February 2019

Blog Marathon - Post 27 - Picture Challenge - 6

John is back to Canada and I pinged him for the next picture challenge. I have actually run out of topics for the Blog Marathon and I have just two more days to go. So what better than attempting to interpret a picture that speaks a thousand words. This one is very close to my heart. I couldn't stop thinking about this place and the city which gave me the best days of my life with a well paying and satisfying career, my own dream house and of course, my baby was born in this city.

Blog Marathon - Post 26 - Featured on Indiblogger

After having gone through some very bad emotional lows, I finally gathered myself again and limped back to normalcy. The weather is getting better. Next month, my mother in law is visiting me. We have a new year festival on 7th April for which we all are preparing very nicely. While doing the Blog Marathon yesterday, I remembered that I was once on Indiblogger and had some connections and posts there. It's the biggest platform of bloggers in India and realized that my blog, The Blue Sky isn't listed there with the changed URL. I got into the process and got the new URL registered and saw the rank of my blog go up from 25 to 50 on a scale of 1 to 100. The greater is the better. I also went through the top blogs and was pleasantly surprised to see so many passionate people like me expressing themselves on the platform.

26 February 2019

Blog Marathon - Post 25 - जिंदगी

ये जिंदगी भी
बडी नाझनीं है
कभी गम और कभी ख़ुशी
की आँख मिचोली है

लोग मिलते बिछडते हैं
यादे बनती बिगडती हैं
कभी फुल तो कभी काटे
राह पर पिरोती रहती हैं

डरना नही अँधेरो से
रुकना नही पथ के रोडो से
बस चलते रेहना ऐसे हीं
उजालो की खोज मैं

इन्सान वही जो 
गिरकर संभले
ठेस लगे भी तो
गिरके फिर से ऊठ जाए

जिंदगी बहुत कुछ सिखाती हैं
जीने का होसला देकर
आसू पोचकर, उमीद बांधकर
आगे बढ़ने की हिंमत जुटाती हैं

Featured post on IndiBlogger, the biggest community of Indian Bloggers

25 February 2019

Blog Marathon - Post 24 - धरती और आकाश

कितने दूर कितने पास
ये धरती और वो आकाश
दूर होके भी
हैं ये हमेशा साथ साथ

मिलते हैं थोडी देर सही
उस क्षितिज के पार
कुछ पलों के लिए
ही बस हाथों मैं हाथ

कुछ देर बाद फिर हो जाते हैं जुदा
और ढूँढ़ते रहते हैं
एक दूसरे से मिलने की
बस एक वजह


23 February 2019

Blog Marathon - Post 23 - An eye for beauty

It was just an ordinary bright sunny day today but my little boy just made it extraordinary for me. The pains I am taking on him to inculcate certain good things show up sometimes and today was such a day.

When we were in Bangalore and when he was around 4 years old, we were sitting on the common road of our apartment complex and talking among friends. Between the B2 and B3 building, there shone the beautiful sun on the way towards sunset. It was a beautiful sight and T saw it first and told me to see it and exclaimed, how beautiful!! He was just 4 then. One of my friends heard it and fell in love with T. She was happy and surprised at the same time. How can such a small boy have an eye for beauty which the adults sometimes fail to notice, she exclaimed!
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